About Adam Bessie

Adam Bessie is a professor of English at a Northern California community college, where his days are spent teaching reading, writing, literature, and comics to students at the basic skills and transfer levels.  He has writes essays on education, comics, media, medicine, and culture in words and pictures.  He is a regular contributor for Truthout, and has been published in a wide variety of independent media sources, including Medium’s The Nib, the Project Censored book series, and Alternet.  His work has been featured on The Chronicle of Higher Education, Russia TV’s “Breaking the Set”, and KPFA radio.  Contact: adam.bessie at gmail dot com; Twitter @adambessie


One response to “About Adam Bessie”

  1. Hannah says :

    Dear Adam,

    Your article at Truth Out: “The Answer to the Great Question of Education Reform? The Number 42” is absolutely brilliant. I teach in curriculum studies and critique Taylorism and the cult of efficiency, too. I will be teaching with your article in two weeks when my grad students and I will be discussing high stakes testing. We already watched the documentary film “Clockwork” on Taylorism.

    Again, brilliant article, Adam. And so well crafted, with the opening and closing returning to Deep Thought.

    Thanks for sharing your work with the world.
    ~ Hannah

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