About Adam Bessie

Adam Bessie writes comics in collaboration with illustrators that have appeared in national outlets such as The New Yorker, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, Truthout and more.   Currently, Adam is focused on his book-length graphic memoir It’s All In Your Head: A Decade Living With Brain Cancer (with Marc Parenteau).

Adam mostly focuses on non-fiction comics, on the topics of cancer, media ecology, and education. He won the New York Association of Black Journalists 2018 Award for his graphic essay “Betsy Devos’ ‘School Choice’ Movement Isn’t Social Justice.  It’s a Return to Segregation” (with Erik Thurman for Splinternews).  His education comics were translated and published in Spanish as Education? Que Education? (Morata Press, Madrid, 2019).

Adam lives in the SF Bay Area with his wife and son, where he is a full-time community college English professor.

Inquires: adam.bessie@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About Adam Bessie

  1. Dear Adam,

    Your article at Truth Out: “The Answer to the Great Question of Education Reform? The Number 42” is absolutely brilliant. I teach in curriculum studies and critique Taylorism and the cult of efficiency, too. I will be teaching with your article in two weeks when my grad students and I will be discussing high stakes testing. We already watched the documentary film “Clockwork” on Taylorism.

    Again, brilliant article, Adam. And so well crafted, with the opening and closing returning to Deep Thought.

    Thanks for sharing your work with the world.
    ~ Hannah

  2. Thank you for the great interview you gave today with Micky Huff of Project Censored.
    As an elementary music teacher, I am heart-broken to see how hard it is to involve five-year-old children in the joy of music in the two dimensional screens. They thrive on the full experience of human interaction, and the infectious *(perhaps unfortunate word) laughter and learning they communicate to each other. This hardly happens on a flat screen, boxed in, as you put it so well.
    What can we do to bring back the joy of learning, so sadly compromised in the Zoom gloom?
    Thanks again for sharing your insights!

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