Collected Comix 2012 – 2019


Book-length graphic memoir in progress: It’s All In Your Head: A Decade of Living With Brain Cancer (with Marc Parenteau).

From the opening chapter Abercrombie Vampires

A Scanner Constantly with Josh Neufeld at Pacific Standard

No Shame in Staying Alive: How Medical Marijuana Helped Saved Me from Brain Cancer with Marc Parenteau at Fusion

pillz 2

Notification: You’ve Got Cancer with Josh Neufeld, at The Boston Globe


Pink Ribbon Envy: Living with an Uncool Cancer (with Dan Archer, and Medium’s The Nib)


The Perfect Cancer Patient with medical sociologist Gayle Sulik and Marc Parenteau at  CLICK HERE FOR AN Extra Scene, not published in the original!

“What’s Burning?” forthcoming with Marc Parenteau in Project Censored 2020(Seven Stories Press)

A view from 30 miles downwind of the 2018 Nor Cal wildfire

Gun Climate, with Marc Parenteau at PEN America

Philosophers at Theme Parks with Jason Novak in the New Yorker’s Daily Shouts


Graphic Essay: Betsy DeVos’ ‘School Choice’ Movement Isn’t Social Justice. It’s a Return to Segregation.  With Erik Thurman for Fusion (now Splinternews)


Children of the Code: Big Data, Little Kids with Dan Carino, at Truthout


This School Is Not A Pipe with Josh Neufeld, at Truthout


The Teacher Ghetto with Jason Novak, at The Atlantic


Playground Purgatory with Jason Novak at The Boston Globe


What’s After Post-Truth? with Jason Novak in The Awl


House-Hunters Interdimensional with Jason Novak at The Nib


The Internet of Living Things with Jason Novak at The Los Angeles Times


The War on Everything with Jason Novak at The Los Angeles Times


Lesser Known Cabinet Positions with Jason Novak at The Boston Globe

globe 1 full

Mythical Beasts of 21st Century Technology with Jason Novak at The Boston Globe

Google Succubus

The Google Succubus

Modern Day Patron Saints with Jason Novak at The Awl


It Came From the Comments Section! with Jason Novak at The Awl


Board Gaming The System (with Jason Novak for the Peabody Essex Museum’s (Salem, MA) Playtime Exhibit).

The Game of Artificial Life


Magical Thinking: The Unraveling


Walls and Fences


The Gates Education Reform Hype Machine and Bizzare Inequality Theory (with Dan Carino, at Truthout

The Disaster Capitalism Curriculum: The High Price of Education Reform (Episode 1) (with Dan Archer, at Truthout)


Murky Water: The Education Debate in New Orleans (with Dan Archer, at Truthout)

The Finnish Alternative: Reclaiming Public Education From Corporate Reform (with Dan Archer, at Truthout)

Trump Universe  with Peter Glanting in Project Censored 2018 (Seven Stories Press)

Trump Universe.Bessie.Glanting (dragged) 1

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